Organisational insights for faster growth.

Convflow generates organisational insights from employees, partners and customers to achieve transformational growth.

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Convflow organisation insights increase your organisation growth by over 25% by regularly identifying the top things to focus on and generating solutions.

Create inclusive growth. Engaging the entire team for insights and solutions results in a 3x EBITDA growth vs. competition.

Get real-time organisation insights. Whether you are a 20 people team or a 5,000 people company, know what’s happening right now to stay ahead.

Real-time insights

Convflow Insights are easy to gather.

Use our proprietary framework, developed and refined over 12 years with 200+ companies, to uncover organizational strengths and potential areas for improvement.



Probe deeper to arrive at the fundamental causes and drivers of performance. Monitor on ongoing basis using organisational pulse checks.



Discuss real-time across business divisions and locations to encourage sharing of solutions and ideas in a structured and constructive manner.


Convflow Framework: Critical Insight Areas

Our proprietary framework evaluates your organisation in the following areas. Start getting insights out of the box, or get the framework customised to your organisation's particular needs.

Convflow is truly enterprise grade software.

All the features are designed for high scalability, security and interoperability that your organisation can rely on.

“Organisations should capture insights on an ongoing basis to identify what are the areas that they need to focus on. Convflow has a ready platform to capture these insights and capture organisation-wide ideas to spur growth.”